Ancient Rock Art

Found in the hills of Angono-Binangonan border are archaic drawings of the stone age era. The petroglyphs on a rock shelter are protected and managed by the National Museum. It was interesting to hear stories from Mr Security Guard in there who can pass as a curator of this primitive art.


Filipinos tend ignore written signs or symbols like "Do not touch" etcetera that there has to be a physical form of message like an MMDA railing/barrier in our roads as painted lines are being ignored or a fence such as this to protect our ancient art


Wisely reported by the artist, Botong Francisco to the National Museum office upon discovery


Primitive drawings carved using stone tools


Tiny museum of related artifacts such as tablets with ancient writings in the petroglyph vicinity. The symbol above the National Museum name means "pa" as they abbreviated the word "pamana" using ancient Tagalog writing. Remember alibata in school?


The drawings look something like these



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