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Micro-retail Gasoline Stores

Gasoline for motorcycles.


Yellow Things in Phuket

Khao mok gai (chicken biryani rice, usually eaten at breakfast)

Hor mok (spicy curried fish custard, a savory accompaniment to rice or noodle dish)

A building in Phuket Old Town.

Phuket Philatelic Museum

Marigold with pandan leaves (flowers for Buddhist temple offering)

Fish maw soup (dried swim bladders soup)

Kanom jeen (boiled rice noodles slathered with curry sauce of your choice, like spicy fish curry, with fresh and fermented vegetables as accompaniments)

Clock tower

Yellow is the coronation color and also the color of Monday.


Phothong is like a mini bus, the public transportation of Phuket.

To accommodate more goods and passengers, vehicles were modified by cutting the body leaving only the front part and lower chassis. Then a new body was built on it, made entirely of wood, with a roof on which goods can be stored and with two rows of benches along the length direction of the vehicle for passengers.

No need to modify pickup trucks but just install the new body.

Toilet Building

 That ritzy structure over there is just a toilet.

Backstreet Books 

Nomenclature of bookshop — Backstreet Books

One thing I love about Chiang Mai is the prevalence of bookshops selling used books. One of them is Backstreet Books with its categorized and neatly arranged books, so unlike most secondhand shops. By the way, browsing in a used bookshop is oftentimes more delightful because of that library feeling ambiance I would get — a feeling that is absent in those Barnes & Noble types.

Chiang Mai Post Box

Toilet Gender Segregation

Table Condiments 

Customizing the final taste of fried rice, noodle dish, or viand is a Thai eating experience, hence the availability of more than three kinds of condiments on the table. I would usually put spicy fish sauce on my fried rice to make it hot and salty.

Chiang Mai Refrigerator 

A kind of refrigerator I have seen in small food shops or eating places in Chiang Mai. Looks heavy duty.

Leaf Roof

In Northern Thailand, dried teak leaves are used for thatching.

Sai Aua

Fanning the freshly fried sai aua, a Northern Thai spicy sausage

Closed Sign

A sign made from a scrap flattened carton box that is posted on a fabric that covers the furnishings of a humble sidewalk night-time eating place. It says “Closed for 1 day” (I guess).

Quail Egg Snack Bowl

 For a 20 baht snack, it’s a choice between boiled or sunny side up quail eggs on a banana leaf bowl.

Long-tail Boat

This long-tail boat is used as tourist boat in Mekong river within the Golden Triangle.

Potted Pond 

One peculiar thing about Chiang Mai shops is the presence of bowl ponds at their frontage. Whenever we walk by each we try to scrutinize the water lily and what type of tiny fish that dwells in it. Yes there are tiny fish so mosquitoes  will not use it for breeding.

Cat Wall Art

Pickup Truck Jeepney

Normally red in color, this pickup truck transformed into Philippine jeepney-like vehicle is used as a means of passenger transport around Chiang Mai. I like the idea that there is a trash basket on one side of the step platform.

No Lack of Toilet Signs



No need to ask where are the toilets


More than enough toilet signs

Siam Decorated Truck


Trucks with embellishments at a gas station

I’ve seen plenty of double trailer trucks with embellishments in the highways of Thailand between Nakhon Ratchasima and Bangkok.

Rice Breakfast over Continental Anytime


It was an early morning weekday rush hour where street food vendors abound. And where locals hurriedly buy either packed breakfast or packed lunch to bring to work.

From the lady with huge pot in front her; I got packed rice meal that was a cross in taste between chicken biryani and Ilonggo’s valenciana. I wished I had more breakfast mornings in Bangkok – it was that good.


Early morning street food

Back at the hostel where travelers of different nationalities were having breakfast too in the “mess hall”, I was very delighted of my rice meal packed in brown paper than the Continental breakfast set some just ordered in there for 65 baht, which looked good by the way. But Continental breakfast is so dull and the last thing I would have. However, the-last-thing-I-would-have-for-breakfast is eternally present in almost every breakfast menus.

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