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Kapehan Welcome Sign Typography


Typography: No Smoking

Barber Shop Sign

Coconut Drink Stall Sign

Typography: Chicken Shop Sign

I love the L’s lion head

Typography: Jewelry Repair Shop Sign

George Town Typography

Bangka Typography

Bulalakaw is the Tagalog word for comet.

Typography: Fries Stall

Optical Shop Sign

Letter “O” is wearing sunglasses and baseball cap. I’m curious about the quoted computerized eye check-up. 

Typography: Massage Therapy 

Folk typography on a roadside massage therapy and reflexology sign

Typography: Balisong Shop


Store sign with extra drawing for those who don't know what a balisong is

Typography: Beauty Parlor



Typography: Auto Supply Shop


Before hand lettering became a fad and popularized over social media by ‘young creatives’, Philippine folks from the barrio to the city have been lettering for long time. Observe the folk signs all over the country. These folk letterers with no fancy implements were able craft beauty, albeit crude. Their typography are honest looking which makes it more charming.

Typography: Starhorse Lines


Starhorse Lines vessel at Dalahican Port, Lucena

A RoRo vessel bound for Marinduque at Dalahican Port in Lucena.



With all the fuss right now on Malaysia’s GST (Goods and Services Tax) which was implemented just last week (April 1, 2015), I find this toilet usage fee sign at the jetty for Kampung Laut in Kota Bharu quite funny.

Pleonasmic Signs in El Nido


The word inn and its synonyms namely, hostel, pension, and rooms

Sometimes extra words were added unconciously so as to be absolutely clear, though some readers may find it unnecessary, at times funny, but oftentimes an effective way to reduce the probability of misinterpretation.


Then the use of 'lodge' in another El Nido Inn sign

One example is the multiple signs of El Nido Inn where its redundancy gives one a  very clear message that it is indeed an accommodation, a very cheap one.


Cottages in this one


Cheap accommodation for global visitors

Other examples are a couple of dive shop signages wanting to emphasize diving in the water just in case you have different sort of diving in mind. Finally, a life vest to make you safe.




Safety life vest

Snow Related Warning


I think what the sign is trying to say is that we should watch out for snow falling from the roof.

Typography: Rolling Ice Cream


It's special because D' MORE U EAT, D' MORE U LIKE

Folk Oxymoron


Oxymoronic carinderia signage

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