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Tubs of fermented tiny fish, shrimp fry, and baby oyster
Baby oyster
Tiny fish
Shrimp fry

Small Masjid

This small masjid in Davao is just one of the many small mosques I’ve seen along highways in southern Mindanao.

City’s Pandemic Reminders in Neon Green

Social Distancing

Signs on the wall:

“Palihog dili tanggalon ang hikot sa banko”
“social distancing”

Monobloc chairs tied to the table — new normal way of preventing the old normal way of getting chairs from other tables for group dining.

Covid Signs

Covid Times

JP Laurel Avenue, Davao City

Anti-unattended Bag

Sta. Ana Wharf in Davao City

Tamarind Tree Signs

Egg Mass of Wedge Seahare

Egg mass (lukot) from wedge seahare (Dolabella auricularia). This is normally eaten raw and always a delightful treat. It is high in mineral and amino acids, an ideal food for human consumption.

Lukot is also used like a vegetable component of tinolang isda (clear fish soup). A glassful of it cost PHP 50 at Agdao Market.

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