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Rolled Fish

Place the fish side by side on the kraft paper

Roll the kraft paper with the fish

Afterwards she folded the rolled fish in half (crosswise) then gave it to the customer


Sandalwood soap packaging

Quail Egg Snack Bowl

 For a 20 baht snack, it’s a choice between boiled or sunny side up quail eggs on a banana leaf bowl.

Scrap Paper as Bread Bag


Scrap paper as bread bag. At least it's not newspaper.

I got myself some delicious bread at a cheap bakery near the ticket window of Colombo Fort Station. It was for my breakfast while on the train bound for Kandy. The shop put my bread inside a paper bag made from annual accounting report scrap paper. At least it was not a newspaper.

The second time I came across of this kind of repurposed bread bag from a local bakery, it was still the same white scrap paper with no visible dirt. And still the bread was delicious.


Egg Basket


A bamboo basket with straw as handle makes a practical and pretty ‘multi dozen’ egg packaging.


Each basket costs about 2.5 USD

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