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Tanod Box

A barangay police box in Mandaluyong

The lowest level of political unit in the country is the barangay (similar to a village), hence the lowest level of law enforcement is the barangay tanod or simply tanod or barangay police.

Another barangay police box seen in Mandaluyong


Friday Snapshots: Jeepney Decals

Dick D’Pilot of F-16

Estados Unidos Ilocos Express

Community Weighing Scale 

Timbangan ng Bayan

Providing common weighing scales (Timbangan ng Bayan) inside public markets is an example of a Philippine government public service. Now folks have a way to double check the weight of the produce.
Sort of a vendor rip-off deterrence tool.

Sunday Snapshots: Laundry Time


Washing clothes in the river


A communal spot in the river for washing clothes


This communal spot has makeshift sun shield roof

Celebratory Chevon


Last Sunday I hiked through the rainforest of Makiling. Along the trail, I made use of an outhouse toilet at the back of a shack that sells coconuts to hikers. While waiting for my turn, I saw a slaughtered goat waiting to be immersed in a scalding water for dehairing. Then I heard people talking indoors and I’ve come to understand that the kambing is for somebody’s birthday.

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