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Terengganu Boats

Speedboat as seen from our speedboat

Tourist boats at Merang Jetty bound for Pulau Redang


Pulau Redang

Casket Merchant Signage

Looks like an old ‘modern casket’ merchant sign

Token Booth

Funfair token booth in Kuala Terengganu

Cats of Penang

I have collected these photos from several days of ambling around the streets and alleys of George Town. Some from my morning runs.

Penang Ferry

Iconic, colorful Penang ferries ply between Penang Island and Butterworth (mainland). When you leave Penang Island, you don’t have pay anything for the ferry ride. It’s only when you travel toward the island that you pay 1.20 ringgit per adult passenger.

Pandan Deodorizer

Pandan leaves turned into flower bouquet — a deodorizer and decor in one

George Town at 7:30 PM

George Town Typography

Sunday Snapshot: Curry Sauce Cook

Friday Snapshot: Banana Fritter Vendor

Telefon Booth

Beware of Stingers

Beware of tall jellyfish

Tanjung Aru Beach

Tanjung Aru Beach is a public beach in Kota Kinabalu. When I was there to pass the time before going to the airport, I saw families and a group of young people having picnic, children playing, kite and ice cream ambulant vendors, and people waiting for the sunset. Some ladies, presumably tourists, dramatically posed for photos with the sunset as background.

A kite vendor

An ice cream vendor

At sunset

At twilight

Malay Iced Coffee

Malays make the best iced coffee.

Lei Maker


Kedai Kopi Din Tokyo


This traditional coffee shop in Kota Bharu has nothing to do with Japan. Feels like the kopitiams in Singapore with its old town ambiance and good local coffee but instead of tables and chairs it has two long wooden benches for communal use, a ‘kopi bar’. I’ll never forget the very hospitable proprietor who handed 5 ringgit to my 8 yr old daughter as spontaneous gift. My total bill was I think 8 ringgit for 2 mugs of coffee and nasi berlauk.



Native refreshments

Indigenous Breakfast


Ready to eat indigenous breakfast fare in various colors are plentiful inside Siti Khadijah Market. It’s wonderful to see places like this where there is obviously good demand by locals for local fare.


Folks having superiority complex over their local food and their culture in totality have not lost their identity in this era of globalization.



Micro-Retailing Spices


Spice packs at Siti Khadijah Market in Kota Bharu

Pasar Snapshots: Keropok of all sorts


Keropok is the traditional chips of the Malays, particularly in Brunei, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The pictures here were taken from a market in Kelantan.




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