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Beach Hazards Warning Sign


Kapehan Welcome Sign Typography

City’s Pandemic Reminders in Neon Green

Social Distancing

Signs on the wall:

“Palihog dili tanggalon ang hikot sa banko”
“social distancing”

Monobloc chairs tied to the table — new normal way of preventing the old normal way of getting chairs from other tables for group dining.

Covid Signs

Covid Times

JP Laurel Avenue, Davao City

Anti-unattended Bag

Sta. Ana Wharf in Davao City

Tree Branch as Wet Concrete Warning Device

A branch of binunga tree (Macaranga tanarius) topped with yellow cellophane bag is used as a warning device for wet concrete manhole cover.

Tamarind Tree Signs

Beware of Falling Durian

Typography: No Smoking

Wordless Sign: Fish Market

Barber Shop Sign

Coffee Shop Toilet Door Sign

No Dating

Coconut Drink Stall Sign

Oh Yeh Oh Yeh

Singlish sign

Thai Coconut Sign

It’s pretty common to see a face in letter ‘o’ of handmade signs.

Shoe & Bag Repair Sign

Paint Store, Painted Words

Painted words on a wall of a paint store. “MY SMILE ENTERTAINS MY GENTLE HANDS MIX, I AM LA PINTURA GALLERIA”

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