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‘Mitsubishi’ Banca

‘Mitsubishi’ written beside ’32’ in this outrigger boat in Bucas Grande

Beach Hazards Warning Sign

Kapehan Welcome Sign Typography

City’s Pandemic Reminders in Neon Green

Social Distancing

Signs on the wall:

“Palihog dili tanggalon ang hikot sa banko”
“social distancing”

Monobloc chairs tied to the table — new normal way of preventing the old normal way of getting chairs from other tables for group dining.

Covid Signs

Covid Times

JP Laurel Avenue, Davao City

Anti-unattended Bag

Sta. Ana Wharf in Davao City

Tree Branch as Wet Concrete Warning Device

A branch of binunga tree (Macaranga tanarius) topped with yellow cellophane bag is used as a warning device for wet concrete manhole cover.

Tamarind Tree Signs

Beware of Falling Durian

Typography: No Smoking

Wordless Sign: Fish Market

Barber Shop Sign

Coffee Shop Toilet Door Sign

No Dating

Coconut Drink Stall Sign

Oh Yeh Oh Yeh

Singlish sign

Thai Coconut Sign

It’s pretty common to see a face in letter ‘o’ of handmade signs.

Shoe & Bag Repair Sign

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