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Repurposed Water Gun Toys


Boat Trailer Visibility 

Boat trailer visibility improvisation using Mountain Dew neon bottle

Closed Sign

A sign made from a scrap flattened carton box that is posted on a fabric that covers the furnishings of a humble sidewalk night-time eating place. It says “Closed for 1 day” (I guess).

Scrap Paper as Bread Bag


Scrap paper as bread bag. At least it's not newspaper.

I got myself some delicious bread at a cheap bakery near the ticket window of Colombo Fort Station. It was for my breakfast while on the train bound for Kandy. The shop put my bread inside a paper bag made from annual accounting report scrap paper. At least it was not a newspaper.

The second time I came across of this kind of repurposed bread bag from a local bakery, it was still the same white scrap paper with no visible dirt. And still the bread was delicious.


Gastropod Shell Pot


Snail meat is for snacking while its shell is for potting

Grilled snails are for snacking in Jiufen town. One house I happen to pass by has this idea of repurposing the gastropod shell as plant pot. Cute.


Grilled snails at Jiufen Old Street. I see lots of potential pots

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