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Juice Drink Stall

Juice drink vendor at Roxas Night Market in Davao City

Fruit Combinations

All possible combinations of fruit to make fruit shake

Universal Drinks Menu

Language is not a barrier in ordering a particular beer at a non-English speaking restaurant if the photographs of the actual bottles and cans are in the beverage menu. Quite logical.

Malay Iced Coffee

Malays make the best iced coffee.

Marble in Soft Drink


This is a soft drink that I often see in North Taiwan. Its look and taste appeals the young though it’s hard to open it without adult assistance. The pink contraption on the lid is what you’ll use to open the bottle by pushing down an embedded marble to make a hole.┬áSo it’s like this, while guzzling , you’re fully aware that there’s a marble moving around the liquid inside.


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