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Shoe Cleaner 

Street shoe cleaner in Hanoi

Alugbati sa Bangketa

Somebody has decided to plant alugbati (a green leafy vegetable) on a sidewalk.

Another patch of alugbati protected by grille.

Yonder on that sidewalk  are patches of alugbati plant.

Sidewalk Plant Pot


Bougainvillea in a pot

Greening the sidewalk of Kota Bharu using intricately designed plant pots with stand.

Rice Breakfast over Continental Anytime


It was an early morning weekday rush hour where street food vendors abound. And where locals hurriedly buy either packed breakfast or packed lunch to bring to work.

From the lady with huge pot in front her; I got packed rice meal that was a cross in taste between chicken biryani and Ilonggo’s valenciana. I wished I had more breakfast mornings in Bangkok – it was that good.


Early morning street food

Back at the hostel where travelers of different nationalities were having breakfast too in the “mess hall”, I was very delighted of my rice meal packed in brown paper than the Continental breakfast set some just ordered in there for 65 baht, which looked good by the way. But Continental breakfast is so dull and the last thing I would have. However, the-last-thing-I-would-have-for-breakfast is eternally present in almost every breakfast menus.

Catching Tilapia in Sungai Melaka


Caught tilapia

Around midday on a weekday in Melaka, things are quiet by the riverbank walkway. But for this local guy, it’s the best time to drop a net and catch some tilapia.


Somebody else is interested


Receptacle for the catch


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