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Barilis Stall

Well-lighted tuna stall, with installed miniature altar for Santo NiƱo.

The Day Before Palm Sunday

Palm fronds for sale on the day before Palm Sunday.

Lei Maker


Buddha’s Hand


When this fruit caught my attention, I imagined how it tastes like. So I resolved to eat some before leaving Hanoi. But when I asked a local what kind of fruit is this, she answered phat tu or Buddha’s hands, and it’s not for eating but as an altar offering. Now I wonder why something deemed to be not edible is being offered along with edibles and beers.


Phat tu, beers, and others as an offering at the Temple of Literature


More beers for Confucius


Yellow phat tu

Deity Clothed in Bibs


Jizos at Naritasan Shinshoji Temple

Jizo is (also) a protector of children and its statues are usually carved from stone. Seeing the bibs on the Jizos presumably put on by parents gave me some sense of spirituality and connectedness to the realm of human life driven by beliefs and unaffected by science and technology.

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