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Kapehan Welcome Sign Typography

Buko Halo-Halo Natural Container

Coconut as ingredient and container for buko halo-halo.

Discarded buko halo-halo natural containers.

Buko halo-halo shop

Universal Drinks Menu

Language is not a barrier in ordering a particular beer at a non-English speaking restaurant if the photographs of the actual bottles and cans are in the beverage menu. Quite logical.

Fire Extinguisher Tree

Instead of cutting the trees, this restaurant in Bacolod use them as a place to mount fire extinguisher.

Table Condiments 

Customizing the final taste of fried rice, noodle dish, or viand is a Thai eating experience, hence the availability of more than three kinds of condiments on the table. I would usually put spicy fish sauce on my fried rice to make it hot and salty.

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