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Dried Tobacco Leaves

Dried tobacco leaves stall at Tanjay Public Market (Dec 2019)


Gwangjang Market


Wordless Sign: Fish Market

Seafood at Agdao Market

Mussels, clams, guso, etc.

Tuna carving


Round scad (galunggong)

Espada arrangement

Barilis Stall

Well-lighted tuna stall, with installed miniature altar for Santo Niño.

Lao Food: Crickets

Crickets are normally considered as food by Lao people.

Snake and Vegetables

Vegetables and snake at the market in Luang Prabang.

Lao Food: Ant Eggs

Ant eggs are a little sour and are eaten with chicken eggs, in fish soup, or just steamed for a snack.

Reference: What’s in the Market?, Sonesulilat Vongsouline, Big Brother Mouse 2010


A laundry basin


Most delicious vegetable on earth – Lana


Tubs of fermented fish at Bankerohan Market

Painitan Stools

Guinamos Micro-retailer

The biggest block of shrimp paste on his table cost 150 pesos so this vendor is micro-retailing it

Lao Food: Butterfly Pupae 

Vendor removing the pupa from its cocoon

I saw a couple of these in the garden of my guesthouse. Turns out that my host would buy some from the market to let them complete their metamorphosis. She feared that one day they will all be gone.

Laotians eat them deep-fried with a serving of sticky rice

New Year’s Shopping

Koreans shopping for seafood at Jalgachi Market today

Community Weighing Scale 

Timbangan ng Bayan

Providing common weighing scales (Timbangan ng Bayan) inside public markets is an example of a Philippine government public service. Now folks have a way to double check the weight of the produce.
Sort of a vendor rip-off deterrence tool.

Rice Stall

The number on the sign denote the price of rice per kilo in Philippine peso. Rice in open sacks on the first row are branded and their signs carry the brand name. Unbranded rice on the second and third rows have signs that tell the variety and quality factor like malambot (tender) and mabango (aromatic).

Sai Aua

Fanning the freshly fried sai aua, a Northern Thai spicy sausage

Noryangjin Fish Market


This one is an exclusively seafood market. A big one. No such sort exist in the Philippines where seafood here are sold in a specific section of the palengke, or at some corner of the talipapa. So at Noryangjin Fish Market with all its assortment of marine edibles where two-thirds of those I cannot identify, it was a wonderment to be inside, ogling unhurriedly at each edible curiosity, and hearing the din from the collective voices of the fishmongers. Obviously, they can tell that I was just an observer and not a potential customer, but I felt at ease because the ajummas and ajeossis don’t seem to mind, and they seem to understand that it was just a field trip of sort to me.








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