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Skinny Buildings

If property tax is based on the width of the building facing the street, then make it thin, deep, and tall instead.


Norzagaray Welcome Arch

Token Booth

Funfair token booth in Kuala Terengganu

The Omnipresent Waiting Shed

Waiting shed (or ‘waiting shade’ in Bisaya) is an omnipresent small structure used by folks to shield them from weather inconveniences. It is also used as a resting place while waiting for anything — normally while waiting for public transportation. There is no uniformity as each barrio or town has its own design. It is never standardized, but then Philippines would be dull if it is.

Tanod Box

A barangay police box in Mandaluyong

The lowest level of political unit in the country is the barangay (similar to a village), hence the lowest level of law enforcement is the barangay tanod or simply tanod or barangay police.

Another barangay police box seen in Mandaluyong

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