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Lao Food: Crickets

Crickets are normally considered as food by Lao people.


Snake and Vegetables

Vegetables and snake at the market in Luang Prabang.

Lao Food: Ant Eggs

Ant eggs are a little sour and are eaten with chicken eggs, in fish soup, or just steamed for a snack.

Reference: What’s in the Market?, Sonesulilat Vongsouline, Big Brother Mouse 2010

Lao Food: Stink Bugs & Cicadas

Stink bugs

Stink bugs live on leaves in the longan tree and they are usually eaten fried or mashed into sauce.

Plates of stink bugs and cicadas

Cicadas can be roasted, fried, or used to make sauces.

Reference: What’s in the Market?, Sonesulilat Vongsouline, Big Brother Mouse 2010

Lao Pottery Village

Pay for the entrance fee ticket


Kiln hole. Top view.

Finished product

Middle Noodle

Small noodle, big noodle, and middle noodle

Coconut Pancakes in Banana Leaf Bowl

Vendor selling round coconut pancakes in banana leaf bowl

Stapler is the secret tool of banana leaf bowl construction

Side Alley Chilli Pepper Drying

Chilli peppers drying on a rattan meal base by the side alley. Just one of those random things seen being dried outside.

Lao Food: Butterfly PupaeĀ 

Vendor removing the pupa from its cocoon

I saw a couple of these in the garden of my guesthouse. Turns out that my host would buy some from the market to let them complete their metamorphosis. She feared that one day they will all be gone.

Laotians eat them deep-fried with a serving of sticky rice

Lao Steamed Sticky Rice

Steaming sticky rice in a bamboo basket that sits on an aluminum pot with water

Steamed in a basket, served in a basket

Aep khaoh – woven bamboo container for cooked sticky rice

Elephant Dung Paper

Fruit Combinations

All possible combinations of fruit to make fruit shake

Luang Prabang Letter Boxes

Mekong river in the background


Repurposed Water Gun Toys

Lao Tuk Tuk

This one looks nice with its embellishments

A closer look at the wooden embellishments

Parked tuk tuks as seen from the inside of a running tuk tuk


Rooster Carrier

He looks humiliated

Peculiar Pineapples

Laos Post Boxes

Post box and Beerlao

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