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Sea Wall Massage Area

Man putting down a triangular prism sign that says “Massage Therapy”. Massage on the sea wall starts at sundown.


Pasig River 2018

Early morning

Unloading and loading of passengers

The banca that will bring you just across the river.

The Day Before Palm Sunday

Palm fronds for sale on the day before Palm Sunday.

Tricycle Accessories

Multipurpose holes in the fiberglass windscreen to secure driver’s stuff, and a plastic noodle cup to hold tricycle fare coins

Kilometer Stone Marker

Kilometer stone marker for pedestrians?

Sunday Snapshot: Butcher’s Belt

The butcher’s three-knife sheath belt with a ballpen holder

Leaning Tree as Bench

Extremely leaning tree used by bystanders to sit and smoke cigarettes

Repurposed Baby Stroller 

Seen at Quirino Grandstand were several charcoal-grilled dried pusit (squid) ambulant ‘oldish’ female vendors using tiny lightweight table-like stand with an aluminum tray to hold live charcoals. However a couple of vendors have this idea of repurposing a discarded baby stroller in order to transform their pusit stand to a rolling one.

Tanod Box

A barangay police box in Mandaluyong

The lowest level of political unit in the country is the barangay (similar to a village), hence the lowest level of law enforcement is the barangay tanod or simply tanod or barangay police.

Another barangay police box seen in Mandaluyong

Friday Snapshots: Jeepney Decals

Dick D’Pilot of F-16

Estados Unidos Ilocos Express

Reptile Embellishment 

Reptile as jeepney hood ornamentation. Horses are just too common isn’t?

Improvised Window Cover

Vehicle proudly using Duterte campaign poster as temporary cover for its broken right rear windshield.

Sunday Snapshot: Park Meditation 

Man meditating under the acacia tree at Legazpi Active Park

Alugbati sa Bangketa

Somebody has decided to plant alugbati (a green leafy vegetable) on a sidewalk.

Another patch of alugbati protected by grille.

Yonder on that sidewalk  are patches of alugbati plant.

Manila Bay Cats

Cat wearing a Duterte’s campaign baller


Manila Bay Subsistence 

Freshly caught tilapia from Manila Bay for selling, I suppose.

Manila Bay has the reputation of being filthy. Still, one can see more than a few folks fishing by the breakwater, and some fisherfolks on their bangkas catching tilapia several meters away from the shore. I saw a couple of these folks selling
freshly caught tilapia and tahong just within the vicinity of Baywalk. I also saw a group people having early dinner of steamed tiny crabs caught from the breakwater rocks.

Yonder are the yachts of the members of Manila Yacht Club, nearby are the small boats of the common folks used for daily subsistence.

Typography: Massage Therapy 

Folk typography on a roadside massage therapy and reflexology sign

Manila Yakult Lady


Yakult lady at Baywalk along Roxas Boulevard

Queue Separator


Lengthwise cut of newspapers hung on straw ropes as distinct separator for precinct cluster queues in today’s Philippine Election. Due to this improvisation, the queueing was quite orderly early this morning.


Saturday Snapshots: Bicycle Seafood Vendor


Bicycle seafood vendor with umbrella doing his daily rounds

Mr. Fish Vendor would make rounds in the village daily. He will always have three choices of fresh seafood on his cargo bicycle. There’s always shrimp, while the two other tubs would contain fish and other kinds of seafood. His favorite color must be red as he always don red shirt and his three tubs are all in red color.


Three choices of seafood and what's available today are shrimps as usual, squid, and Hasa Hasa fish


His improvised cargo bike has improvised bicycle seat cover as well


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