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Gwangjang Market


Wednesday Snapshot: Indian Ocean Sunset

Sunday Snapshot: Butcher’s Belt

The butcher’s three-knife sheath belt with a ballpen holder

Sunday Snapshot: Curry Sauce Cook

Friday Snapshot: Banana Fritter Vendor

January 1, 2017

Street eating in Busan

New Year’s Shopping

Koreans shopping for seafood at Jalgachi Market today

Friday Snapshots: Jeepney Decals

Dick D’Pilot of F-16

Estados Unidos Ilocos Express

Sunday Snapshot: Park Meditation 

Man meditating under the acacia tree at Legazpi Active Park

Sunday Snapshots: Laundry Time


Washing clothes in the river


A communal spot in the river for washing clothes


This communal spot has makeshift sun shield roof

Sunday Snapshot: Oroquieta Bandstand


Municipal bandstand in Oroquieta City

Apart from the statue of Jose Rizal, there is one other structure that I usually see in city/town plaza — the bandstand. The plazas in Bacolod City, Roxas City, and Oroquieta City for example have bandstands that are a standout.


Saturday Snapshots: Bicycle Seafood Vendor


Bicycle seafood vendor with umbrella doing his daily rounds

Mr. Fish Vendor would make rounds in the village daily. He will always have three choices of fresh seafood on his cargo bicycle. There’s always shrimp, while the two other tubs would contain fish and other kinds of seafood. His favorite color must be red as he always don red shirt and his three tubs are all in red color.


Three choices of seafood and what's available today are shrimps as usual, squid, and Hasa Hasa fish


His improvised cargo bike has improvised bicycle seat cover as well


Friday Snapshot: Hazy Sunset


A hazy sunset at Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong

Saturday Snapshot: Goraiko


This morning’s sunrise as seen from the summit of Mt. Fuji, Japan.

Saturday Snapshot: Subic Bay


Nimbus, birds, and ships in Subic Bay late in the afternoon.

Sunday Snapshot: Canoe in the Lake


This man was paddling towards a spot in the lake where he can leave his canoe, put on his mask, and take out his spear gun. I watched him go in the water (from the opposite side) for spearfishing.

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