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Bituing Marikit

A shrub with star-studded inflorescence

I’ve seen this shrub in our neighborhood but I only learned its name–bituing marikit–when we visited Cape San Agustin in Governor Generoso.


Beach Hazards Warning Sign

Side by Side Lighthouses

The shortest lighthouse with a spiral stairway was built by the Japanese in 1930s.
The tallest one with flared top is the only active lighthouse among these three that are standing side by side on the southeasternmost tip of Mindanao.
The tip of the active lighthouse as seen from the top of the second tallest inactive lighthouse

(Cape San Agustin, Governor Generoso)

Foraging for Kugita

I greeted this townsman from afar, asking him what he’ll do, to which he answered “manguha ug kugita” (to forage for octopus).

Toadstool-shaped Lato

The toadstool-shaped lato (seaweed) in Cateel tastes even better than the grape-like lato.
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