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Back View Embellishments

Empty sugarcane truck
Fairy tale embellishments
Bisaya version of Goku

Friday Snapshot: Skeleton Slow Boat

I think I found a dock by the Mekong river where they build slow boats

Terengganu Boats

Speedboat as seen from our speedboat

Tourist boats at Merang Jetty bound for Pulau Redang

Yanagawa Canal Boats

Charcoal heater under the table

They were smiling at me

Monobloc Trikes

At Burham Park you can see those tiny three-wheeled pedal vehicles. Kids rent them to playfully go around a short distance path of about 200 meters (I think) for an hour. Some have fancy looking roofs, some have “A” roofs, and some have no roofs. Those single seater ones are the most common but I have also seen several tandem ones. What truly caught my attention is the practical design of its seating. A Monobloc chair is removable, replaceable, readily available, and easy to clean.

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