Welcome/Goodbye Road Arch

A welcome (or goodbye) road arch depending which side of the road you are on is common throughout the country. Some have creatures on it like the carabao, while this one in Lian has a balsa (hut on a bamboo raft). I think this represents those picnic hut rafts that you see floating on Lian’s beaches.

A balsa at sundown during high tide

Several balsa as seen from the beach during high tide

Several balsa on the water of Lian’s beach

Community Weighing Scale 

Timbangan ng Bayan

Providing common weighing scales (Timbangan ng Bayan) inside public markets is an example of a Philippine government public service. Now folks have a way to double check the weight of the produce.
Sort of a vendor rip-off deterrence tool.

Variety Store

A dry goods shop in Hanoi selling a variety of household plastic wares and other items

Optical Shop Sign

Letter “O” is wearing sunglasses and baseball cap. I’m curious about the quoted computerized eye check-up. 

Rice Stall

The number on the sign denote the price of rice per kilo in Philippine peso. Rice in open sacks on the first row are branded and their signs carry the brand name. Unbranded rice on the second and third rows have signs that tell the variety and quality factor like malambot (tender) and mabango (aromatic).

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