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Kilometer Stone Marker

Kilometer stone marker for pedestrians?


Reptile Embellishment 

Reptile as jeepney hood ornamentation. Horses are just too common isn’t?

Sunday Snapshot: Park Meditation 

Man meditating under the acacia tree at Legazpi Active Park

No U-Turn / No Left Turn


No U-turn / no left turn combination sign at Paseo de Roxas, Makati

I think it’s fine to combine no U-turn and no left turn signs as long as it’s easy to perceive like in the mockup illustration (using my pink Stabilo Boss) where the sign may look uncomplicated, and thus making it more intelligible.


Tea Egg


This egg tastes like adobong itlog but infused with five spices. I got this from Ymart, a Taiwan specialty store somewhere in Makati. I think this will make a decent variation to my boiled egg snacking.

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