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Fire Extinguisher Tree

Instead of cutting the trees, this restaurant in Bacolod use them as a place to mount fire extinguisher.


Potted Pond 

One peculiar thing about Chiang Mai shops is the presence of bowl ponds at their frontage. Whenever we walk by each we try to scrutinize the water lily and what type of tiny fish that dwells in it. Yes there are tiny fish so mosquitoes  will not use it for breeding.

Planted By Royalties





Before concrete utility poles like power poles, trunk of the Toog trees were used as they are straight, tall and hard. This I learned by hiking with someone who is a forestry graduate.



Malunggay tree is a backyard regular (or front yard) in Philippine homes

Malunggay tree is my second most favorite tree on earth. The more you cut its branches, the more it will flourish, and thus will always remain reachable for easy harvesting. I once mentioned to my cooking class teacher in Yogyakarta about malunggay leaves as an everyday food of Filipino masses. She chuckled. According to her, Indonesians regard kelor (Indonesian word for malunggay) as a last resort food, like when one is too poor to procure other kinds of vegetables. When I heard that, I chuckled.


Frequent pruning produce more branches

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