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Pasig River 2018

Early morning

Unloading and loading of passengers

The banca that will bring you just across the river.


Pedaled & Motorized Becak

Pedaled becak in Surabaya.

Motorized becak in Surabaya


Bumboats ply between mainland Singapore and Pulau Ubin.

The jetty at Changi Village in the mainland.

Bumboat driver, a one-man team.

The jetty in Pulau Ubin.

A girl about to step on the boat that is leaving Pulau Ubin for the mainland.

Bus Window Sighting: Dama

Dama game on the floor of a public waiting shed as seen from the open window of a non-aircon Ceres bus.

Detachable Tricycle Roof

A CapizeƱo solution to adverse weather conditions

Another photo of the improvised detachable roof

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