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Pedaled & Motorized Becak

Pedaled becak in Surabaya.

Motorized becak in Surabaya



Bumboats ply between mainland Singapore and Pulau Ubin.

The jetty at Changi Village in the mainland.

Bumboat driver, a one-man team.

The jetty in Pulau Ubin.

A girl about to step on the boat that is leaving Pulau Ubin for the mainland.

Bus Window Sighting: Dama

Dama game on the floor of a public waiting shed as seen from the open window of a non-aircon Ceres bus.

Detachable Tricycle Roof

A CapizeƱo solution to adverse weather conditions

Another photo of the improvised detachable roof

Extra Seat

Tricycles in Roxas City have an extra seat above the wheel

How to sit on the seat above the wheel

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