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Motorcycle Umbrella



Phothong is like a mini bus, the public transportation of Phuket.

To accommodate more goods and passengers, vehicles were modified by cutting the body leaving only the front part and lower chassis. Then a new body was built on it, made entirely of wood, with a roof on which goods can be stored and with two rows of benches along the length direction of the vehicle for passengers.

No need to modify pickup trucks but just install the new body.

Pasig River 2018

Early morning

Unloading and loading of passengers

The banca that will bring you just across the river.

Pedaled & Motorized Becak

Pedaled becak in Surabaya.

Motorized becak in Surabaya


Bumboats ply between mainland Singapore and Pulau Ubin.

The jetty at Changi Village in the mainland.

Bumboat driver, a one-man team.

The jetty in Pulau Ubin.

A girl about to step on the boat that is leaving Pulau Ubin for the mainland.

Bus Window Sighting: Dama

Dama game on the floor of a public waiting shed as seen from the open window of a non-aircon Ceres bus.

Detachable Tricycle Roof

A Capizeño solution to adverse weather conditions

Another photo of the improvised detachable roof

Extra Seat

Tricycles in Roxas City have an extra seat above the wheel

How to sit on the seat above the wheel

Tricycle Accessories

Multipurpose holes in the fiberglass windscreen to secure driver’s stuff, and a plastic noodle cup to hold tricycle fare coins

Davao City

“I hate drugs!”

Pencil Background

They’ve even thought of making pencil no. 2 as background for jeepney route sign. So I’m leaving it here for posterity’s sake, before they start to gentrify jeepneys. I’m not optimistic at all if the government’s plan for jeepney modernization program shall be able to retain the masa art.

Lao Tuk Tuk

This one looks nice with its embellishments

A closer look at the wooden embellishments

Parked tuk tuks as seen from the inside of a running tuk tuk


Penang Ferry

Iconic, colorful Penang ferries ply between Penang Island and Butterworth (mainland). When you leave Penang Island, you don’t have pay anything for the ferry ride. It’s only when you travel toward the island that you pay 1.20 ringgit per adult passenger.

Dazaifu Bus

Balanga Tricycle Design

Balanga tricycles have split windshield and also a banga (earthenware pot) drawing to beautify its plate number.

Friday Snapshots: Jeepney Decals

Dick D’Pilot of F-16

Estados Unidos Ilocos Express

Reptile Embellishment 

Reptile as jeepney hood ornamentation. Horses are just too common isn’t?

Pickup Truck Jeepney

Normally red in color, this pickup truck transformed into Philippine jeepney-like vehicle is used as a means of passenger transport around Chiang Mai. I like the idea that there is a trash basket on one side of the step platform.

Bus Paper Tickets in Sri Lanka


Tickets for 2 adults and 1 child

I thought at first it was a notebook the bus conductor was holding to jot down bus related affairs, instead it was a packet of tickets. He would write the amount using a ballpen, then he would tear one or more tickets corresponding to the number of passengers you paid for. A child rate will be given in an intercity bus (observation based from my tickets) which is approximately half of the regular rate.


Tickets for 2 adults and 1 child


Tickets for 2 adults and 1 child for the bus trip from Colombo to the airport (CMB). Notice that no child rate was given.

Lake Buhi Boats


This commuter boat will carry people to the barangay across the lake










Mount Asog and Lake Buhi at dusk

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