Sinaing na Tulingan

Simmering tulingan for a long time in claypot saturate the fish with the added salt and souring ingredient such as kamias hence the resulting dish makes it a very appetizing viand. Locals who don’t want to spend time simmering and non-locals who would like to bring home this Batangas signature dish gave this old lady a market for her sinaing na tulingan.


Comfortably seated on the counter beside her palayok of sinaing na tulingan (claypot with braised tuna inside)


Carefully getting the fish where each one is separated by banana leaf during simmering process. The bones are very soft already that it can be eaten as proudly claimed by the vendor


Getting another fish. It's 3 for Php100. She then wrapped the 3 cooked fish together using banana leaf and newspaper as her packaging



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