Vacuum Coffee Brewer


Left over coffee from previous brewing in one of the three glass chambers. It won’t be served instead they’ll brew a new one for you in this Chinese restaurant along Benavidez street, Binondo


I’ve noticed some small Chinese restaurants or food stalls use the old school vacuum coffee maker. Unlike other coffee makers, this one is fun to watch, as water once heated, goes up to the coffee grounds, and when the┬áheat source is removed, it goes down leaving spent beans in the upper chamber and freshly brewed coffee in the lower glass chamber.


Stirring coffee with siphoned hot water coming from the lower glass chamber into the upper glass chamber containing ground beans to brew a new one. An artful way to make very good coffee unlike those state-of-the-art but artless espresso machines


A stall inside a building in Juan Luna street with a vacuum brewer located in front of that customer. Fresh and good coffee lovingly stirred for you at Php25 a cup



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