Here are some of the coffee shops in Burgos Market where locals hangout for breakfast or read newspapers while drinking brewed coffee which they refer to as native.
I like to hangout in a kapihan or carinderia (eatery) wherever town I may be as it’s in this kind of local hangout place one can hear about folk life. Such a great source of first hand information for visitors and more importantly you get a feel of the town and you’ll come across some knowledge about a certain ingredient or process or any tip that the kapihan/carinderia owner unknowingly share.
There’s nothing superficial in these local kapihans and carinderias particularly in rural areas and it’s a pleasure to take in sights including folk decorations and hear honest conversations.


Good native coffee for only 10 pesos


Proprietor usually sits in a corner and takes the role of the cashier


Gutierrez Cafe


I like this painted menu board. Coffee plain means native brewed coffee with muscovado or brown sugar only





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