Motorcycle Ride in Jogja

Motorcycling is a way of life in Yogyakarta (equally for men and women). So riding in one going to Prambanan about an hour per way is worthier than any other means and here are some of my pictures – backride perspective.

Oleh-oleh shop in the highway that is conveniently on the way to Jogja’s airport.

Assortment of horns for welcoming 2014 in the evening. This motorbike ride happened last December 31, 2013, the last thing I did for 2013.

A semen truck! Hehe. The driver I can see was smiling and waving at me balancing at the back of the motorbike twisting my torso so I could look back for a snapshot of his truck. He must have wondered why. Indonesians are very friendly and warm people and they giggle a lot.

Truckful of semen.

Is that a mosque? That multicolored Moscow-like structure.

Motorbike carrying tree branches I think.

Stopped for the train to pass.

My lady driver who can speak English.

And the culmination of the ride – Prambanan Temple Compounds. But truly the to and fro was as educating as the time I spent inside this ancient Hindu temple.



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