Water Village: Modern Houses

If you have read about Kampong Ayer which is a huge network of water villages in Brunei comprising of about 42 villages and home to about 30,000 Bruneians, then you have also read about its existence for a long time already that it’s considered a heritage of this country. So what I have in this particular post is a village in Kampong Ayer where houses have evolved into modern look. In fact I stayed in one of those.


The modern look of house in the water


A network of modern houses in the water village. It's raining almost everyday and it's high tide.


Below each house is a space to park their own boats


Bridges have evolved into concrete in this village though majority of bridges (outside of this village) are still made of wood. One can also see the sewer and water pipes


See the modern village behind the old one


Low tide. Brunei Darussalam flags are everywhere for their upcoming National Day on February 23


A modern jetty too for the residents


Inside the modern house where I stayed. When feasible, I'd rather do homestay for a closer observation of the place and locals. Hotel is corny



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