Wayang Kulit

The making of Indonesian leather (kulit) shadow puppets (wayang) is done by hand in several stages involving different artists just like the time-consuming and tedious process of making hand painted batik fabric.


Punching holes one by one meticulously on the drawn outline in the buffalo hide


Is there a word for extremely detailed?


Putting on base paints


Just an initial layer of paint and still more paintings to be done


Layer upon layer of painting and then finishing it with gold leaf

This is how it looks like at the back of the white screen during the show. The stick attached in the middle is wedged to the banana trunk so that the dalang (puppet master) can move the other sticks attached to the limbs.


By means of light behind the screen, the leather puppets come to life


A dalang giving us a sample show in this puppet making place somewhere near kraton in Yogyakarta.


His right foot has some kind of metal attached between his toes to hit a some kind of a tiny gong to produce sounds during the show


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