Ayamku & Jollibee


Malays attachment to fried chicken (ayam goreng) is so plain to see. Both in Peninsular Malaysia and Borneo Malaysia, KFCs are everywhere and more popular than any other imported chains. Apart from fastfood chains, in the warungs, padangs and lesehans of Indonesia for example, ayam goreng is always there for you.

Brunei Darussalam has its own fried chicken chain. Ayamku Restaurant as what I’ve perceived is obviously close to Bruneians heart.


Ayamku counter


Fried spring chicken

But you know what, Bruneians have also this imported chain and it looks like the locals are in love with its fried chicken known as Chickenjoy that this particular chain has already 14 branches in their country (proudly claimed by the cashier in the picture below).


Bruneians love Jollibee too


She is proud to be a Jollibee crew


1 piece Chickenjoy receipt


Another branch of Ayamku in Bandar Seri Begawan, Kiulap address



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