Utility Bicycles in Japan


Typical basket and child seat bicycle left in the street by the crosswalk

Utility cycling is a big thing in Japan. On the contrary it seems personal motorbike usage in Japan is a rare thing unlike in Indonesia and Vietnam. In Tokyo I’ve seen a few motorcycles for business purposes such as food delivery.


Typical bicycle configuration for the cycling mama

What I have here are few snapshot collections of typical Japanese utility bicycles parked almost anywhere unless there’s a “no parking sign” indicated.


Cycling postal guy

Related to this, I do have a post on the cycling Japanese using these typical utility bicycles.


I like this trike


Bicycle parked in front of house or business establishment


Bicycle parked in garden park


High tech bicycle parking area in an apartment building


Paid bicycle parking area in Minami-senju train station


Bicycles parked in front of a closed store


Bicycle as personal transport


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