Tokyo Station


Such a beautiful railway station structure , a terminal hub for several lines from the Tokyo Metro to regional lines (JR including shinkansen).


Tokyo prefecture itself is vast already but I’ve noticed that there are quite a number of employees who work in Tokyo but live outside the metropolis, in Chiba Prefecture, Saitama Prefecture, among others.


Travel time is more or less an hour for nearby prefectures in the Kanto region and everyday, every train arrive and depart as scheduled.


Even though train fare (or transportation fare in general) is expensive as compared to food in Japan, however its efficiency and predictable arrival time to one’s destination (including multiple transfers between subway and JR) is all worth it. Only a fool (or stupidly rich as what one Japan article refer to) would ride the terribly expensive taxi (even from Narita airport). Unless maybe you’d want to pay for the experience of taxi doors opening and closing by itself (yes I’ve seen it myself without riding one).



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