By The Sumida River, I Ran


Tartan track by the river. I guess the Taito-ku urban planner must be a runner

During my Tokyo visit, I regularly run by the Sumida River in Taito Ward which is just a seven-minute running distance from where I stayed.


The river view

The path by the river is an ideal place for running with its lovely water view and tartan track.


Obviously it's spring time

Running and traveling go together as one can run and observe everyday life at the same time. In this case, the morning life in Tokyo.


One can do interval training in this track

With running, one can also wander far in the corners and side streets than by any other means for a much deeper understanding of the place and its residents.


Running will be most beautiful when the cherry trees are in full bloom

Thus, my morning run makes a delightful introductory paragraph in every full day chapter of my Tokyo wanderings.


Run across any of the bridges spanning the Sumida river like this one to run more at the other side. See those white birds on the river wall ?


With all the runner-friendly amenities included in the city's urban planning (especially clean public toilets that never run out of toilet paper), isn't it better to be out there running regularly (when in Tokyo) than not at all?



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