By the Iloilo River, I Ran


When I was a kid, my favorite view in Iloilo would be the passage of the ship in this river coming from the strait of Iloilo. I would either be at the roof deck or at the railing of M/V Princess of Negros or M/V Don Vicente. How I wish I have photographs of these two beloved Negros Navigation vessels. Each way will take 2 hours but it was truly a joy to slow travel in those ships than in fast craft vessels which took over the Bacolod-Iloilo route in the 90s.


Esplanade is a little more than a kilometer long

Whenever I run in Iloilo, one can always see the river, or one can certainly pass at some bridge spanning the river. This filled my mind with historical thoughts like my story above.


I appreciate this beautification effort in Iloilo


See that Gothic structure over there at the other side of the river? that's Molo church. I ran towards Molo district first before running in this esplanade by the river


A sundowner run on one's trip means sunset appreciation and a good appetite for dinner



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