A Thousand Cranes


Garlands of senbazuru (thousand cranes)

I’ve came upon garlands of one thousand folded cranes a few times in shrines suchlike the cattle shrine in this post, and also at the Yamashita shrine in Cavinti, Philippines. 


Cattle deity at Ushijima Shrine in Tokyo

A garland of one thousand cranes is a symbolic offering in shrines, though I’m also aware about the traditional practice in Japan to give one to a sick person. It is a belief that the perseverance of folding a thousand cranes rewards one a wish, a wish of good health for instance.


Origami crane on a tatami mat in my hotel (out of a flyer I got in the subway station). It is said that the mythological tsuru (crane) can live for a thousand years

Tsuru is a beautiful creature for it symbolizes a thousand years of life, a thousand years of happiness, and a thousand years of love.


Origami crane as my office cubicle ornamentation. One day, a thousand of these to give...



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