Menu Miscellany


[Yogyakarta, Indonesia] Warung makan menu

Scrolling through my snapshots, I found several menu pictures which perhaps at that point in time struck me as something interesting to snap on.


[Yogyakarta, Indonesia] Here’s the warung place. I’d find this again just for their ayam goreng

I think the place and my ala carte eatables were quite interesting too that each experience merits preservation by means of a menu photograph.


[Tokyo, Japan] This is Tokyo so that’s the menu – that vending machine to prepay for one’s order. This menu machine will give you a sort of receipt to hand over to the one-man restaurant guy. Very efficient


[Tokyo, Japan] Restaurant counter where the guy (not visible in the picture) is preparing my prepaid ramen


[Makati, Philippines] Somewhere in Poblacion is this tiny Korean eating place managed by an ajumma who sits by the cash register table


[Makati, Philippines] The inside of Magpie’s menu. A picture menu is logical for a foreign restaurant


[Makati, Philippines] Magpie’s menu also in the wall with couple of magpies, a symbolic bird of South Korea


[Makati, Philippines] Beni’s Falafel menu of vegetarian, kosher, Israeli fare


[Makati, Philippines] Beni’s Falafel place


[Makati, Philippines] List of Puerto Rican viands with some background information written and printed in several pages of bond paper that are stapled together


[Makati, Philippines] Another page of Sofrito’s menu. I don’t have snapshot of the place but it’s a small one similar to Beni’s Falafel



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