Anti-Malnutrition Chips


At the science exhibit of Department of Science & Technology, I bought this chips to relieve my starvation in the duration of my 4.5 hours visit. This un-junk food was developed for the purpose of improving nutrition in young children. The snack is made from rice and monggo and it tasted even better than most local junk food, not that because I was starving but the taste is somewhat addicting. Similar to how addicting Chippy is.


It’s rare thing where one can see DOST’s and FNRI logos in a chips pack. The high protein and energy content makes this a nutritious and convenient snack in evacuation centers for instance. Other than that,┬áin preparing a disaster grab bag, why not put some Rimos instead of junk crackers inside. The disaster grab bag is a wise move already, having Rimos inside makes it wiser, I suppose.




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