Bus window peddling is one reason why I prefer ordinary non-aircon bus apart from the chance of smelling each passing town and having clear view of roadside everyday life

When traveling by bus to northern Cebu, whether to Hagnaya or to Maya, it’s highly likely that Ceres bus will have rest stop for few minutes in Bogo. A happy stop for it means one is almost at the end of the bus journey, and also it means the acquisition of pintos via bus window sellers.


A pack of 5 costs 20 pesos

Pintos is distinctively Cebuano, a specialty of Bogo City that’s primarily made from ground corn. The smell of the warm corn husk wrapping is pleasantly barriotic, and snacking on pintos is akin to making memories where one would love to recall fondly this delight especially its texture, taste and aroma sometime in our lives.


Honestly simple packaging of young corn husk


For only about 15 minutes of stop in Bogo, bus vendors’ pintos will do for now



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