Piso Water


ATM or iWater? (ATM – Automated Tubig Machine)

Such a common sight in Cebu is this drinking water vending machine of various color, model and style (of its box). What is typical is the faucet, the round 5 gallon bottled water as its source, piso coin slot, and the glassful amount of water that comes out for every one peso coin eaten.


Lesser frequency of replacing the 5 gallon purified water in this dual container model

One has to bring some container to catch the water that automatically comes out of the spout once you drop one peso inside. I expect the water to be tepid, but amazingly it was cold.


A trash receptacle at the side of the tubig machine


Looks like a karaoke machine


This one is chained as precautionary measure against thieves that may cart it away I suppose. Love the mayana plants on the roof



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