The Making of Puto Maya

I chanced upon this guy¬†steaming glutinous rice and about to make puto maya in Carbon Market. Here’s a photo narration in the right sequence of this guy’s method in making puto maya.


Steam the glutinous rice (bugas pilit) al dente in the caldero


In a sando plastic bag covered hand, use plastic plate to transfer the steamed pilit into a tub


Prepare a mixture of coconut milk (gata) and sugar with salt


Pour the gata onto the cooked pilit


Mix well the gata with the cooked pilit using the versatile plastic plate


Put the well mixed pilit back in the caldero


After putting everything back, steam again until fully cooked. From what I gather from the guy’s conversation with another person, this puto maya was ordered for a wake


A jolly puto maya vendor in Carbon Market. Another type of glutinous rice for this one known locally as tapol. My favorite


Got some puto maya from the jolly vendor



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