From Island To Mainland

The uncomplicated manner of commuting from the island of Malapascua to mainland Cebu province.


At Logon beach, procure a green paper ticket from the one-man ticketing office comprising of a small table that also serves as police detachment (says the sign) and a blackboard where the name of the boats and their corresponding schedules are written.


Ticketing office


The green ticket says Malapascua Port. Where’s the port? The Guanna boat, a yellow banca anchored far from the beach, will leave at 8:30 according to the blackboard. How to get there? Ride a small paddle flat boat for 20 pesos per passenger. Simple. Uncomplicated.


Guanna, the commuter boat in “Malapascua Port”


Short transfer from Logon beach to Guanna boat



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