Not Buying Convenience


Now you reach the top any direction from here will be down

One reaches this marker on a hill when hiking from Sabang Ferry Terminal towards Coco Beach Island Resort.  I saw no other resort guest using this backdoor arrival. The usual way is via the resort’s private transfer from Manila or short boat ride from either Sabang Ferry Terminal or Puerto Galera Ferry Terminal (after reaching Oriental Mindoro from Batangas Pier).


Sabang beach is where the Sabang Ferry Terminal is situated

At the Sabang Ferry Terminal, there was this big guy standing beside the table where one pays for fifty pesos environmental fee. He asked my destination, I said Coco Beach, he said you need to ride a boat, I said I’ll walk, he countered it’s impossible, I smiled and replied it’s possible,  then I went my way.  The 2.4 km hike is nothing when one is fit. Other than that, there is always satisfaction in the seeing rather than the notion of just passing through. Convenience takes away discovery, physical activity, spontaneity and fun.


If you’ll hike, then you’ll see Dalaruan Cove on your left along the way



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