Rofat’s et al


A carinderia spotted in Dumaguete has variation of its name written in its sponsored signages. What we have here presumably are exemplifications of name mispronunciation and misinterpretation of penmanship. My guess is that the correct name is Rofat and San Miguel got it right on its signage –  ROFAT’S EATERY. Meanwhile, the Coca-Cola agent must have heard it as Ropat due to mispronunciation of f, hence its ad signage for the eatery has the big bold ROPAT’S on it. On the other hand, Cobra agent probably wrote Rofat correctly on paper but the guy who painted the sign mistook the f as t, hence ROTAT’S EATERY. Who cares, these agents might have thought, as long as Coca-Cola or San Miguel or Cobra brands are explicit and unmistakable.




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