Front cover

Putting up with the crowd at last month’s International Book Fair and at the same time feeling a bit despondent that I was at MOA on a weekend (though I didn’t set foot inside the mall), was compensated when I acquired few books from small time publishing houses such as UP Press et al, and some old PCIJ magazines and one old magazine on Mindanao Culture called Gimba (the only edition I found).


Back cover

Gimba is the musical instrument of Manobo tribe in Mindanao, hence the magazine logo is an illustration of this drum. Subscription rate is 10 pesos per copy, 40 pesos for a year’s subscription as stated in the first page of this third quarter 1985 edition. It has 32 pages only but there is substance in every page. How I wish this kind of reading material is still in circulation today.


An article about education among the Ata Manobo



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