Rizal in Dumaguete


‘Rizal was here’ marker in Dumaguete plaza

Dr. Jose Rizal’s exile in Dapitan came to an end when he was permitted to serve as surgeon of the Spanish armed forces in Cuba. Leaving Dapitan City for Manila on board the steamer España on July 31, 1896, with Josephine Bracken, sister Narcisa and others, España temporarily stopped by Dumaguete at sunrise on August 1, 1896. There he met with the governor of Negros Oriental Emilio Regal and his former classmate Faustino Herrero Regidor.


In the afternoon of the same day, Rizal performed eye operation for the kapitan ng konstabularya of the province. At 10 PM of the same day, Rizal left Dumaguete on board the same ship. (Reference: National Historical Institute).


Rizal’s Ultimo Adios in English, Spanish and Visayan


I wonder which zone of the Rizal Boulevard now did the steamer España exactly docked on August 1, 1896




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