Ondeh-ondeh c/o Mr Ibrahim's hospitality at his traditional house in Kampung Morten

Ondeh-ondeh is one of the many variations of kuih (confection) in Malaysia. Made from glutinous rice flour, mashed sweet potato and tapioca flour, then filled with palm sugar, and covered in desiccated coconut. It’s their pichi-pichi in looks and taste, minus the sweet burst of palm sugar at the core which I’m so fond about the ondeh-ondeh. See, even the name repetition of Filipino kakanin pichi-pichi is another similarity to the kuih.


Fallen fruits of Melaka tree

Pertaining to the kuih’s green color and round shape, there’s a reason for that, which made it distinctly Melakan.


I'm pretending to be Parameswara looking up at this Melaka tree

Notably, ondeh-ondeh’s other name is Buah Melaka (translated as Melaka Fruit). So the kuih got its name and appearance from Melaka fruit like how the Melaka State got its name from Melaka tree.


My host says Melaka fruit is not edible


Ondeh-ondeh's ad somewhere at Jonker street



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