The Pasar Near Melaka Sentral


Live catfish for sale

Upon reaching Melaka’s central bus terminal coming from Kuala Lumpur, I went inside this market across the street still carrying my duffel bag. I just came all the way from Terminal 2 of KLIA, and before that, all the way from Manila. My bag was light and manageable enough to lug while wandering from stall to stall, eager to see some curiosities of the pasar.


Huge bananas

The marketplace was clean and organized from the fish section to the local delicacies section where I got a pack of gula melaka and dodol.


In one empty stall, I took snapshot of jumbo green bananas (or plantain?). And in one table, there was this unidentified yellow seed in dark brown hard shell that seems to come from a tree like the petai. I inquired and the answer I got sounds like gering ulam.


And so I continued to check the produce, ready made sauces, belacan etcetera, taking my time until I felt like eating.


Gering ulam? That’s what I heard from the vendor

That ended my market loitering. I then partook mee goreng (with ais kopi) at one of the food stalls in the second floor of the market. After which I rode a bus towards Bukit China to commence my five day Melaka trip.




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