On Traveling Light


My pack is 5 kilos only for 5 days including my race gear and I don’t even have to use my allotted 30 kilos for check-in baggage. Though I’m very fond of my lightweight Highland duffel bag, this time I’ll be hopping on buses and trains of which I imagine that I may need to be hands-free most of the time, hence a backpack.  This is not Japan, in other words the conditions may not be as precise and predictable. And I’m not fond of wheel bags. It’s too cumbersome, there is no freedom of movement, and you need a bit more space around you which is not practical at times in public places. Aside from that, the concept itself is plain boring.  I believe that I must be fit and strong enough to carry my personal stuff for it is an indication that I can do more, travel far and be flexible enough for spontaneous decisions.

What I routinely do in my everyday life, I can afford to eliminate when traveling. If one’s reason for traveling is to have some diversion now and then, then one can do away with daily rituals and this varies from one person to the next. It may be all sorts of body creams and beauty regimen for some, fancy shoes and clothes, or electronic gadgets for others. Without these, then one may realize that it is easy to pack light after all. But if you absolutely cannot do away with creams and extra fancy clothes, then objectively, maybe that kind of traveling is not the same as what I have in mind. Or presumably, you are not that cute as you think you are.



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