Sound of Silence in Lake Caliraya


Meanwhile, Lake Caliraya provides every little thing that is needed for a quiet break, devoid of man-made sounds and all those unnecessary things one can do away to thrive on earth. Someplace that is somewhere close-by Metro Manila.


Still waters - perfect for kayaking and spotting birds from one shore to the next while doing so

Some tools for better living are intangible things such as contentment, peaceful inner self, uncomplicated existence in the midst of other human beings, and indifference to money. Other than those, natural surroundings are something tangible that contribute to better living if one spends a great deal of time (in one’s lifetime) on it – wherever that may be, and it can be as near as Lake Caliraya.


It's not often where one can see the end of the rainbow


This lakeshore property has no right of way, hence the presence of that barge. I kind of like it this way though


Resident dog named Bingo, and one of the many birds in the lake


A place to sleep and read can be something as comfortable as this camper yet none of those unnecessary things in life. Again, I like it this way


More campers for like-minded individuals who often come here


Dock for small boats with unintentional greenery on its thatched roof



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